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Los Angeles Nude Guys* * * Affiliated with GNI * * *

PMB 249, 8424-A Santa Monica Blvd
W Hollywood CA 90069-4267

About this group: Los Angeles Nude Guys (LANG) is a social nudist organization for gay and bisexual men fostering meaningful friendships and good times. Social and recreational nude activities include Jacuzzi and swimming pool parties, cocktail parties, backyard barbecues, potluck dinners, day hikes, weekend excursions to Palm Springs, and other naturist activities throughout the year.

LANG has been organizing nude social events in the Greater Los Angeles, California area since 1987, bringing together gay and bisexual men who enjoy a healthy, nude lifestyle, and encouraging an active interest in social nudism. Please visit our website for additional information.

c/o Rick S
1303 E 9th St
Okmulgee OK 74447-5209

About these classes: This new group meets a couple of times per week, and uses Meetup for postings and scheduling. Currently, there is a Thursday evening and a Saturday morning class.

@ Ashtanga Yoga Schule
Pallasstrasse 8-9
Berlin 10781
Int'l. phone: +49 157 357 361 45

About these classes: For men. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8:00 - 9:30 p.m., and Sundays, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

3201 N 16 St Apt 201
Phoenix AZ 85016

About these classes: Welcome to SPANA Yoga! How should you use this page? For starters...DO NOT WAIT FOR OTHERS TO RSVP. Someone has to be the first to signup, so be that person! How should you NOT use this page? As a hookup site- in other words*... sure, check out the events and who signed up, but you'll need to show up for class at least once or possibly be removed as a member. Participation is required ¿ SPANA = Solo/ Partner All-levels Nude Asana. Who are these classes for? All males including transmen; First time with yoga? Worried you'll "get hard"? These are common concerns, but what you'll discover when you attend for the first time is that this is an inclusive environment that welcomes all body types, backgrounds etc. This is YOUR PRACTICE, so show up for it without expectations or comparison to your instructor or fellow students. All sessions are challenging, rejuvenating, open-level and finish with partner yoga or self-massage (as in actual massage of muscles!) instruction. Gay straight bi trans men welcome. We have Studio classes, as well as Zoom sessions. It is highly unlikely that you will actually have an erection in class, but if you did, no-one is judging; this is a group fitness class, not a competition. We are all here in support of one another!

About these classes: Please visit website for more information.

(See details under mailing address in New York.)
Gibson PA

PO Box 380264
E Hartford CT 06138-0264

About this group: Bare and Gay of Connecticut is a private social club for male gay naturists. Formed in March, 1986, B&G is one of the first successful nudist clubs for men in the Northeast.

Our members hail from throughout the region and represent all ages, occupations, and economic status. Our main objective is that they are comfortable being naked in a social, friendly atmosphere with men, whether gay, bi, or straight.

Chicago IL

About this group: Founded in 1989, CANS (Chicago Area Naturist Sons) is an organization of male nudists and naturists dedicated to accepting and appreciating the human body in its naturally beautiful state. CANS provides opportunities for gay, bi, questioning and affirming men to gather for social, non-sexual enjoyment and camaraderie. Members come from all parts of the Chicagoland area and beyond. Some have been nudists for many years, while others have only recently discovered the fun and enjoyment in social nudity. Our membership is diverse; we are short and tall, wide and thin, quiet and outgoing, young adults to seniors, and from many cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. We have in common an appreciation of social nudity in a non-sexual context. Any male who identifies as gay / bi / questioning or affirming and is at least 21 years of age is welcome to attend CANS events. You can also find us at:

PO Box 332
Newfane VT 05345-0332

About these classes: Naked yoga retreats throughout the year. Please visit their website for more information.

Utah Male Naturists* * * Affiliated with GNI * * *

c/o Michael A
244 Reed Ave
Salt Lake City UT 84103-1827
Phone: (801) 856-5655

About this group: Utah Male Naturists is a social group for gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly straight men in Utah or contiguous states only that holds a variety of non-sexual naked social and recreational events, including pool / hot tub parties, cocktail parties, potlucks, movie nights, and overnight campouts throughout the year. Most events are held at private homes and typically range in size from 10 to 40 members. Guests of members are welcome at most events.
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