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c/o Marigny Dance Club
1440 S Tryon St Ste 110
Charlotte NC 28203-4263

About these classes: Charlotte Nude Yoga is open to all men. We meet 4-5 times monthly for yoga classes and occasionally include a nude wine or beer tasting afterwards. Currently meeting in the South Charlotte area. View us at or email the director at [email protected]

About these classes: Welcome to SPANA Yoga! How should you use this page? For starters...DO NOT WAIT FOR OTHERS TO RSVP. Someone has to be the first to signup, so be that person! How should you NOT use this page? As a hookup site- in other words*... sure, check out the events and who signed up, but you'll need to show up for class at least once or possibly be removed as a member. Participation is required ¿ SPANA = Solo/ Partner All-levels Nude Asana. Who are these classes for? All males including transmen; First time with yoga? Worried you'll "get hard"? These are common concerns, but what you'll discover when you attend for the first time is that this is an inclusive environment that welcomes all body types, backgrounds etc. This is YOUR PRACTICE, so show up for it without expectations or comparison to your instructor or fellow students. All sessions are challenging, rejuvenating, open-level and finish with partner yoga or self-massage (as in actual massage of muscles!) instruction. Gay straight bi trans men welcome. We have Studio classes, as well as Zoom sessions. It is highly unlikely that you will actually have an erection in class, but if you did, no-one is judging; this is a group fitness class, not a competition. We are all here in support of one another!

DMV Starkers* * * Affiliated with GNI * * *

About this group: DMV is DC's newest non-sexual DRAMA FREE social nudism group. DMV Starkers offers those in the Washington DC metro area who are friendly and actively involved in social naturism the chance to meet and just hang out. Whether it be at a local watering hole, someone's wonderful pool (weather permitting of course), or in the comfort of one of our member's homes; regardless of the locale, fun will be had by all. We are a group of like minded men who enjoy attending non-sexual social nudism events. With that being said, we ask that our members be respective of one another as well as respective of the venue for the event; whether it be a public place like a bar, or a someone's private home. It is through the kindness of members willing to host that will continue to allow this group to grow and thrive.

New Zealand

616-103 Powell St
Vancouver BC V6A 1G2
Int'l. phone: (604) 684-9872 ext 2026

About these classes: Classes at various levels and locations several days per week.

(See details under mailing address in New York.)
Gibson PA

Brisbane QLD

Seattle WA
Phone: (206) 888-NUDE (-6833)

Nude Events* * * Affiliated with GNI * * *

New York NY 10011-0110
Phone: (415) 506-9304

About this group: Our club is to promote a positive body image and support the naturist lifestyle while doing fun things and meeting like-minded men. Every month nude has a Saturday event in Manhattan to celebrate the male nude form and to promote a positive body image. Come enjoy free drinks, free clothes check and meet great guys who share your interests.
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