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c/o David Rosenberg
209 W Kingsley St
Ann Arbor MI 48103-3313

About these classes: Meets Tuesdays and Saturdays, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

(By invitation / interview only)
Los Angeles CA

About these classes: On Monday afternoon classes doors open at 12:15 and doors close at 12:30. There is about 50 minutes of yoga. Class ends at 1:20 - the space must be cleared by 1:30. On Wedensday evening classes. once the doors close at 6:45 the flow will be roughly 50 minutes of yoga before the post yoga activity starts. Most post yoga activities last about 45 minutes to an hour. On Wednesday night classes only, for those that would like to stay after the yoga has ended, one of the core leads will lead us through a spiritually centered activity. One week a month we go out to eat as a group after the yoga flow.

Nude Events* * * Affiliated with GNI * * *

New York NY 10011-0110
Phone: (415) 506-9304

About this group: Our club is to promote a positive body image and support the naturist lifestyle while doing fun things and meeting like-minded men. Every month nude has a Saturday event in Manhattan to celebrate the male nude form and to promote a positive body image. Come enjoy free drinks, free clothes check and meet great guys who share your interests.

The Group
Deland FL

Perth WA
Phone: +61 04 1992 9727

PO Box 6288
China Village ME 04926-0288
Phone: (207) 437-2200
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