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1500 West Village Dr # 47
Austin TX 78733-1977

PO Box 12342
San Antonio TX 78212-0342

PO Box 190869
Dallas TX 75219-0869
Phone: (214) 673-0188

PO Box 66621
Houston TX 77266-6621
Phone: (713) 866-8847

Utah Male Naturists* * * Affiliated with GNI * * *

c/o Michael A
244 Reed Ave
Salt Lake City UT 84103-1827
Phone: (801) 856-5655

About this group: Utah Male Naturists is a social group for gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly straight men in Utah or contiguous states only that holds a variety of non-sexual naked social and recreational events, including pool / hot tub parties, cocktail parties, potlucks, movie nights, and overnight campouts throughout the year. Most events are held at private homes and typically range in size from 10 to 40 members. Guests of members are welcome at most events.

Seattle WA
Phone: (206) 888-NUDE (-6833)

The Olympians
c/o Tim C
14820 Bothell Way NE Apt 154
Lake Forest Park WA 98155-7611
Phone: (206) 338-3442 (voice mail)

WNM Club
PO Box 532
Bristol WI 53104-0532
Phone: (847) 356-3286 or (262) 902-8514

About this group: Wisconsin Nude Men (WNM) is a bi, gay, or straight male nudist group that holds monthly events in members' homes in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. WNM is open to men of all ages, shapes, and sizes. We do not discriminate as to age, race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation; we have had straight men at our events. You must be at least 21 to attend. You may attend up to two events as a trial member before deciding whether to join as a full member.

Naked Minnesota* * * Affiliated with GNI * * *


GNI Club Liaison's note: This is not a club, but a naturist web site that has some informal, geographically-based men's groups. Some may be only online fora, while others may actually offer social events.

(For southeastern U.S. residents only)
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